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Image of Neue Tote # 32

Neue Tote # 32

Neue Tote

The stylish Neue Tote (pronounced 'noya') will define your individuality with its simplistic, yet functional design. Made of the finest full grain leather. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Magnetic snaps allow for easy access to a large. interior has a large zippered pockets for privacy. What ever your needs, the Neue Tote has it covered.All bags are serialized in order of manufacturing and made by hand in the USA, with high quality parts made in the the USA. All of the natural beauty marks remain with the bag, and are considered part of the esthetic.

specific info:
Neue Tote 32 flea bitten gray cowhide, with rollover facing. The strap is black , and the bag has a drop interior pocket, with RiRi zipper opening. Tote has a snap closure.
16" w x 13" h 12" drop

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Image of Neue Tote # 32
Image of Neue Tote # 32