I call this the Modigliani bag, design and made by my student at touchstone.




Lovely clutch made by my student at Touchstone



Pouch made by my student at Touchstone

Touchstone projects

Touchstone projects

Little pouch made by one of my students

I like community: its inclusive, its sharing, it feels secure and it can be synergistic. That’s what Touchstone Craft Center feels like, a community.  I feel as though I made a new group of friends and expanded my world a little last weekend. 

I had the privilege of being invited to teach a leather workshop at Touchstone last weekend.  I was a little apprehensive to teach, as I was the new kid on the block and  after all, the artisans that teach at Touchstone are of the very highest caliber with impressive pedigrees from all over the country, but I held my own.  The campus is located in the Laurel Highlands of western Pennsylvania on 150 wooded acres, with a very accommodating and lovely staff.  It is a residential campus, with rustic cabins nestled in the woods along a rhododendron, rock strewn path, with 2 large, more modern, dormitories, that  are located adjacent to the cabins; all with in walking proximity of the 13 modern well lit and thoughtfully designed studios that can accommodate almost everyone with classes in photography, nature inspired mosaics, blacksmiths ceramics, and now leather craft. All classes are available to the novice or the experienced artist.

Meals, which are prepared with the most unexpected gourmet touch by a former chef from the near by Nemacolian Woodlands resort, are eaten with the staff, and other students: ideas are shared and exchanged at the dinner table, a purely synergistic experience.  The newly constructed dining hall is  situated along a mountain stream, and the leisurely meals are a well deserved change from the pace of normal day to day busyness.  

It draws you quietly into the community of artist.  There is a collective sharing of ideas.  Creating, sharing and building on new ideas; it encourages one to take a step away form the distractions of  life and relax.  And as an artist, I feel as though there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a project evolve from a concept, transpose into a drawing, assembled, and finally to see the finished project: this is the process of creating art, and its sublime.

Touchstone Craft Center, in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, is a 3 season residential craft school. It has been in existence since 1972 and is the only residential artist communities in Pennsylvania. Located outside of Uniontown, 60 miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 150 beautiful acres, Touchstone is the perfect setting to create art. It began as a school that taught mountain crafts and has morphed over the years to include contemporary and experimental art forms in ceramics, metals, painting, leather, and more.
This year, April 24-28, I will be teaching a class in leather work.
It is not too late to register for a variety of classes with professional and experienced artist. Please look at Touchstones schedule of events, and join us to open the season at Touchstone!


The I Made it Market is doing yet another great pop in Pittsburgh for the Valentines Day Holiday.



February 8th at the Waterfront, Pittsburgh, Pa., near the Gap Store, you will find a variety of Artist, with a huge assortment of gifts from food to clothing and not to mention wonderful bags from Luna Jaze.  


Start out the new year with a trendy new bag, as always, made out of the very finest full grain leathers, thoughtfully made with you in mind.

The event is a a short one, 12-5pm.  Drop by, shop, socialize, and find just what you want for the sweetest holiday of the year!


February 8th, 12-5pm, the Waterfront store front near the Gap, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


A peek of things to come!